Vanguard Visions is a leader in ebusiness training, presentations, consultancy services and other business support services. We also provide globally competitive telecommunication and essential services such as mobile, VOIP and landline phone plans, broadband internet as well as electricity and gas


Vanguard Visions is a leader in elearning professional development, presentation, consultancy and support services through the following services: Assessment services, Learning management systems and content development, Implementing e-learning services, Modern e-learning models, Moodle webinars/workshops and resources, On the virtual couch with


Vanguard Visions is a leader in eportfolio training, presentations, consultancy, writing and support services through the following services: Eportfolio Services, Eportfolios Australia Professional Network and Events, Eportfolio (Mahara) Sandpit where you can get your own eportfolio profile, and Eportfolio Resources Mahara Business

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Block productivity drain: Learn about high performance outsourcing

Join Nina Sochon, high performance workplace expert, on the virtual couch as she shares how to block the drain on productivity through high performance outsourcing,  20 November 2015 – 12.30-1.30 pm Australian EDST – Online. Planning on outsourcing some of your  businesses process...

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Meet our team:

Vanguard Visions is led by Allison Miller. Allison has been involved in education and training for nearly twenty years as an educator, change manager, and e-learning leader and innovator. More recently, Allison has also been helping small businesses work smarter in a digital economy

Contact: Allison Miller 0400 732 200 or allison@vanguardvisions.com.au

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